Express yourself!

Your moods, thoughts, ideas and feelings make you unique. With SAY you can wear what you are!

SAY it's your birthday

Get the party going and pop some balloons as you boast your day

SAY you're a sports fan

Wear your team's colors in pride and let them all know who's best

SAY what music you like

Let them see your funk and show them what's playing on your headphones

SAY you're a fashionista

Add your personal touch for a unique look to match your style

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Introducing  SAY™, the next revolution in wearable-tech, transforming self expression into a fashionable social experience

There are so many things to SAY, here are just a few of the ways you can start

some specs and stuff

battery life over 3 days
always on color display
connects via bluetooth
supports iOS and Android
double-tap communication
micro-usb charging
not tested on animals

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